Who will get access to Careers360 Enterprise?

Careers360 Enterprise is an analytical and engagement tool. Ideally it will be best suited for Marketing & Admission Team Members along with Chancellors, Deans, Directors and Faculties.

  • Chancellor
  • Dean
  • Director
  • HOD
  • Marketing/PR
  • Admission Team

How will you get access to Careers360 Enterprise?

To access Careers360 Enterprise, you need to Claim your College Profile. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

Registration Form

NOTE: Make sure you have entered correct Email and Mobile Number as you have to verify these to access your account.
Upload .pdf/ .docx/ .jpg/ .jpeg file and click upload
Upload .jpg/ .jpeg/ .png/ ,gif photo and click upload

Send your updated official doc. on [email protected]

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What are the other benefits I will get by joining the enterprise program?

Soon we will be Adding new features like Data Analytics to Update your Careers360 Profile, Answer Student Queries, how to Communicate the right message etc

Do I have to pay anything to be a part of the Enterprise Program?

Right now this entire functionality is available at no cost.

How can I Claim the College Profile?

You need to register as an Official Representative of your College on Careers360 by furnishing basic details, contact details, social profiles, submitting official document and reference. Once all the details are ratified, you will be granted access.

Can I Claim More than One College?

Yes you can claim more colleges provided you are associated at a designated level in those colleges as well.

Why should I signup using official Email ID?/ I don’t have an official Email ID. What should I do?

An official Email ID is much more trustworthy and frequently used mode of communication for Officials. Hence it is advisable to use official email ID.

What is the need for Mobile Number and Office Contact?

This being a faster mode of interaction will be deployed for ratification of details and intimation of new feature additions.

My designation isn't listed. What shall I do?

Just choose OTHERS from the list of Designation. A new textbox will appear in which you can enter your actual designation.

What is a Faculty Page?

Generally all colleges list their faculties on their portal. These pages are a great source of information about the respective faculty like their education, work-experience, research interests etc.

Where can I mail my official document?

In case you have opted to Email the official document later, make sure you send it to [email protected] .

Whose reference should I give?

You should give the reference of your seniors preferably of the highest level designation like Deans/Directors/Chancellors.

I haven't received any email for verification. What shall I do?

Please contact us at 011-49291196 or email us at [email protected] for any such concerns and we will sort that out at the earliest.

I haven't received the OTP. What shall I do?

Please contact us at 011-49291196 or email us at [email protected] for any such concerns and we will sort that out at the earliest.

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